Raw Materials

We represent the largest international companies specialized in the production of plastic petrochemicals and market their products and provide multiple alternatives with a strong technical support team in all plastic industries.
Commodity raw materials (PE,PP,PVC,PS) for Film ,Injection and Blow molding
    PP (Homopolymer/ Copolymer)
-    Packaging Applications (Flexible Packaging, Rigid Packaging)
-    Consumer Products
-    Fibers and Fabrics
-    Industrial Applications.

-    LDPE Packaging, Pipes and Fittings, and for manufacturing bowls and buckets.
-    LLDPE general-purpose film, stretch film, garment packaging, agricultural film, etc.
-    HDPE shopping plastic bags and food packaging plastics Consumer Goods, Fibers and Textiles.
Polystyrene (HIPS, GPPS) is widely used to protect consumer products. CD and DVD cases, foam packaging, food packaging, and meat/poultry trays.

Polyvinyl chloride, used for everything from construction profiles to medical devices, from roofing membranes to credit cards, and from children’s toys to pipes for water and gas. ¬