A Green planet is a clean planet

Environmental sustainability is the way of making sure that the current processes of interaction with environment is pursed with the idea of keeping the environment as immaculate as naturally possible based on ideal seeking behavior.

Our clean Environment helps us with:

Increase operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste.

 Respond to or reach new customers.

 Protect and strengthen brand and reputation and build public trust.

Build long-term business viability and success.

We care about Increasing social awareness of natural and environmental risks.

Our group care about our surrounding environment, Teeba has participate in many activities for the environment, we has held some seminars at Sohag University and Ahram Canadian University, sponsored by Al-Ahram Group, with the aim of increasing social awareness and activating sustainable development partnerships with the public and private sectors, and has also provided aim to 3000 member during Corona crisis on a large scale in the governorates of Egypt .


All that we require for our endurance and prosperity depends, either directly or indirectly , on our environment . Sustainability makes and keeps up the conditions under which people and nature can exist in profitable concordance, that permit fulfilling the social, economic, and other requirements of present and future generations. Sustainability is important to ensure that we have and will keep on having, the water, materials, and assets to secure human wellbeing and our environment. 

 [ ] We’re satisfied to introduce Al-Ahram Group’s global reporting initiative, By starting to yearly communicate our advancement, Al-Ahram Group is committing to a practical future. 

 [ ] Our sustainability program, lining up with Egypt’s vision 2030. Sustainability has been an important piece of Al-Ahram Group’s story, we’ve developed along with our providers, clints, and communities in Egypt. 

 [ ] This is a beginning of our journey that we set out on together we look to the whole Al-Ahram Group’s family to advocate and separate our organization through our sustainability program.

We have created a National Association called “Teeba” in 2018 to help in sustainability and environmental affairs. 

Our children, our future

Children are the basis for all dimensions of sustainable development, children have aright to live in a sustainable world. 

Sustainability in early education, at home and in school is an important part of a child’s upbringing. The older generation has the responsibility to make sustainable education apart of everyday practices. 

 Teeba has held a seminars at schools We encourage children to participate in recycling program, by encourage them collect and sort all the household recyclable waste each week, and rewarding them for their efforts, to learn about recycling, Learning about the importance of water by giving them a project of looking for ways to save water in the home, Giving a child a small area of garden to allow them to grow a few plants to help them develop and care about environment, And encouraging  children to make posters that raise awareness of environmental issues.

Our girls & women are at the heart of development.

Al-Ahram Group pays great attention to strengthening and building abilities for women of Egypt and developing their skills to integrate them in various fields and of all levels. 

  It expanded its programs provided to various groups such as orphans, widows, and divorced women and the abused to support women in order to achieve quality of life for them and in-line with Egypt’s vision 2030.

 We are helping female students in universities and institutes, providing suitable job opportunities, and qualifying female graduates for the labor market.

Can you hear the Eco ?

 Corporate social responsibilities are a form of self-organization for the company, and a voluntary activity for the institution to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.

 The main aim is to make a positive impact through its activities on the environment, clients and employees. 

The vision of Al-Ahram Group for Corporate Social Responsibility is to be a world leader in the field of responsibility, and working to support and stimulate the business sector to actively participate in social responsibility with a positive impact and inline with the sustainable development of Egypt. 

An educational seminar entitled Addressing the Population Problem.

It was held last Wednesday, 17-3-2021 At Al-Ahram Company headquarters - an educational seminar that discussed the issue of addressing the population problem in Egypt through Al-Ahram trainers who were licensed to train and educate the community through the protocol signed between the Al-Ahram Group of Companies and "John Snow", one of the American support organizations within the framework of the community participation plan.

And which is adopted by the Taiba Foundation, one of the Al-Ahram Group institutions - attended the symposium activities. Jamal Quraish, director of the American aid project in Sohag, Mr. John, representing the John Snow Organization and the leaders of the training program at Al-Ahram Company, and a group of gentlemen, the employees of Al-Ahram Company for Plastic Industry, under the auspices of the company's board of directors, Dr. Hani Halim - Dr. Majid Halim - Dr. Amjad Halim.