A project to manufacture environmentally friendly garbage bags

First: An introduction

The plastics industry is one of the important industries that meet the packaging needs of many products, as it provides many packages that are used in food packaging and preservation, and for many commercial and industrial uses. It is manufactured from internationally authorized polyethylene material, where the tensile strength and elasticity of the plastic product varies according to the degree of powder density, using a film drawing machine, cutting scissors and a plastic welding machine.

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Second: The extent of the need to establish the project

Target The project aims to produce plastic containers and bags suitable for many domestic, commercial and industrial uses, which is necessarily reflected in the proposed designs suitable for the nature of these uses, and this is done by using general machines that are economical in terms of costs and are distinguished by their ability to produce many colored and transparent shapes. The proposed project keeps pace with the environmental trends in the packaging industry, allowing easy disposal of the environmentally produced packages after a period of time and in line with the environmental requirements locally and globally. The project also covers part of the basic requirements in the local market. It also meets the needs of the external market, especially the European and African and also covers the following: ▪ The percentage of waste in the materials used to the minimum, which is reflected in the surrounding environment. ▪ The project flexibility in meeting all consumer and aesthetic requirements. ▪ The flexibility of the production lines used in the project and their ability to meet all the proposed design variables. The importance of the project The importance of the project stems from its ability to meet the needs of a large segment of society, as it indirectly contributes to collecting and disposing of garbage in a manner that is appropriate and in line with the environmental requirements followed. The availability of raw materials required for the production of packages, sacks, bags, etc., the availability of the necessary labor, the ease of training them, and the ease of marketing the product are among the many advantages that confirm the importance of the project.