Pinnacle of Precision: Our Quality Assurance & Certifications

At Al-Ahram Group, excellence is not just an aspiration; it's our standard. We are steadfast in our pursuit of the highest quality in plastic manufacturing, ensuring that every product we deliver is a benchmark for industry excellence. Our rigorous quality assurance protocols and prestigious certifications are a testament to this enduring commitment.

Quality Assurance Protocols

  • Premium Material Sourcing

We meticulously select premium raw materials, ensuring they meet our high-quality standards for manufacturing excellence.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Oversight

Our state-of-the-art facilities are monitored with precision, guaranteeing consistency and quality at every production phase.

  • Comprehensive Inspections

A series of in-depth inspections and quality checks are conducted to uphold our commitment to superior product standards.

  • Final Product Verification

Each product is subject to a thorough testing regimen, affirming its compliance with both our stringent internal criteria and customer expectations.

Our Seal of Excellence: Certifications

Al-Ahram Group is proud to be recognized by the following international standards, which underscore our dedication to quality, safety, environmental stewardship, and food safety management:

  • ISO 9001

Validation of our quality management systems and our ability to consistently meet customer and regulatory demands.

  • ISO 22000

Certification of our food safety management system, ensuring the highest standards for our food packaging products.

  • ISO 14001

Recognition of our effective environmental management system, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.

  • ISO 45001

Accreditation for our occupational health and safety management, prioritizing the well-being of our employees.

  • Made in Egypt

This logo accreditation celebrates our contribution to the national economy and adherence to the manufacturing excellence associated with Egyptian products.

Sustainable Quality

  • Environmental Consciousness:

Our ISO 14001 certification is part of our broader commitment to sustainability, ensuring that our operations and products minimize environmental impact.

  • Regulatory Compliance

We are proactive in our approach to regulatory compliance, staying abreast of and adhering to the latest industry standards and best practices.

Evolving with Excellence:

  • Innovation at the Forefront

Our dedication to research and development means we are continually enhancing our product offerings with innovative, eco-friendly solutions.

  • Valuing Customer Insights

Customer feedback is integral to our quality evolution, helping us to refine and perfect our products and services.

Our Certifications:

Al-Ahram Group’s relentless pursuit of quality is evident in every product we craft. Our array of certifications is more than just recognition—they are the pillars of trust we build with every client. Discover the Al-Ahram difference and let our certified products exceed your expectations.