History & Milestones

Foundation and Early Years

Al Ahram for Plastic Manufacturing S.A.E was founded in Shubra Al Kheima, Cairo, with a modest capital, marking the beginning of our journey in the plastic manufacturing industry.

Strategic Relocation

In a move to expand operations and tap into new markets, Al Ahram relocated to Sohag, Upper Egypt, establishing the first comprehensive manufacturing facility in the region.

Expansion and Diversification

The company experienced significant growth, diversifying its product range to include films, bags, and flexible packaging materials among others.

Embracing Sustainability

Al Ahram took a significant step towards sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly practices and materials into its production processes.

Technological Advancements

The company invested in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, enhancing production efficiency and product quality.

Geographical Expansion

Al Ahram expanded its geographical footprint by setting up warehouses and distribution centers across key locations in Egypt, improving its distribution network.

Entry into the Foam Market

A dedicated facility for foam products was established, allowing Al Ahram to diversify into the Styrofoam market for food packaging applications. That was the tipping point into the rigid packing as a respond to the massive needs of our clients.

Financial Growth

The company reported a significant increase in net profit and return on equity, demonstrating strong financial health and growth trajectory.

Future Prospects

Plans for further expansion in Badr City were announced, aiming to meet growing domestic demand and enhance export capabilities.

Commitment to Community and Environment

Al Ahram continues to engage in community development initiatives and adopts circular economy principles, striving for zero waste and environmentally responsible production.